Guest Blog: Jamie Mayo on What Makes a Blog Engaging and Fun to Read!


The author below is a blogger who has taken her talents to the next level. She has agreed to write a guest blog entry here in order to give some advice for when you create your own blog what will make it engaging and fun to read. Keep this in mind if you would like your students to blog about English in your classroom:

“The biggest thing I have noticed that helps our blog be engaging is the photography. I think most people are more visual-orientated and so they naturally want to look at and read a post more if it LOOKS good. Regardless of how fantastic and creative your ideas are, if you don’t have the photos to demonstrate that, then you lose a lot of potential readers. Like good writing, your photos should be clear and easy to understand quickly. This is true directly for blogs but also for helping your blog be noticed and shared more on social media sites.” Jaime Mayo,

everyday art rage slim

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3 Responses to Guest Blog: Jamie Mayo on What Makes a Blog Engaging and Fun to Read!

  1. mkbnl says:

    Jamie (and Jenni), yes images and other forms of media can really enhance a blog entry – when they are selected appropriately. Images for the sake of images tend to distract, but thematically appropriate images can be quite useful.

  2. I agree that the images need to correlate with the content and enhance it. Visual appeal is definitely something that will make a blog stick out to more people. Just like quality websites, there are features to a blog that make it worthwhile to read.

  3. jenniborg22 says:

    MKBNL great point that images also tend to distract if they are not there to enhance the blog entry. Thank you for your input!

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