Classroom Blogging Activity – Character Blog


The following activity can be used in the English classroom as a fun activity for students to learn about perspective while creating their own blogs.

Classroom Blogging Activity

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8 Responses to Classroom Blogging Activity – Character Blog

  1. Alicen says:

    Great activity, especially because so many of my high school students have a hard time understanding the idea of different perspectives and taking them on. I’m sending this to my English department right now!

  2. Jason Marconi says:

    that is really great stuff. You can tell you put a lot of effort into it. I hope it works out well for you and the students!

  3. Jenni,
    What an excellent activity. I teach fourth grade and feel like I could easily modify this to use with my students. You have structured the activity very well!

  4. jenniborg22 says:

    I’m glad that you will be able to modify this. I think it could work for many age groups so I’m glad!

  5. Engaging activity, Jenni! It demonstrates a creative use of blogging. Are you planning to have the students use the blogs they create for anything else, or are will they be strictly for this activity? Nice work!

  6. jenniborg22 says:

    Thank you, Angela. I’m going to see how this goes, and maybe use blogs for other assignments as well. 🙂

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