Building Bridges

The following reflection is based on the videos below:

Possibilities from Building Bridges:

There are many possibilities I see from both mobile virtual worlds and gaming virtual worlds bridging into the classroom.

The first possibility I see is visiting places far away. Students would be able to explore the world of Shakespeare in English, the Incan Empire in History, or Parliament in Britain in Political Science. Students are often visual learners. If students had the opportunity to navigate real spaces using an avatar or creation of their own, they would feel a part of that world. Throughout the videos I saw many people laughing and smiling at the experiences they were having. They were so engaged in what was going on around them. This engagement would be wonderful in the classroom.

The second possibility I see is connecting with other classrooms. Students could see in with peers their own age in China. Students could collaborate with one another even though they are far apart. This opens so many possibilities for learning and working with others.

The third possibility I see is learning by doing. Students love to be active. If students were allowed to get up a kick a ball, or an angry bird, as part of class participation, the classroom could evolve into a place of fun and learning.

There are so many possibilities with building bridges with mobile and gaming virtual worlds into the classroom. Keep exploring and sharing the possibilities!

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