Second Life and English

Second Life

Second Life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For a class in my master’s program, I am to join the virtual world of Second Life. I have created and avatar and joined the classroom space.  Second Life is a space where avatars (people) from around the world can meet and socialize, play, learn, etc.

I can foresee Second Life being incorporated into the English classroom by having students create avatars based on novels read in class. Students could also create a world from history in the novels read. There seems to be countless ideas to incorporating Second Life into the classroom.

One fear I have with using Second Life in the classroom would be students chatting with strangers and possibly finding themselves in trouble because of it. Yes, it is possible to only meet in a designated space during school, but what is to stop them to enter other worlds after school because we introduced them to the virtual world?

What are your thoughts?

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