Minecraft as an Educational Tool

The following video and discussion is from a gentleman who has incorporated Minecraft into his school.

His students have gone above and beyond and created amazing features using Mincraft. Not only are students creating but they are learning. While in this game, students are learning how to become entrepreneurs. Each student learns how to sell their valuable goods and at what cost and premium. This concept never occurred to me as a learning tool while using Minecraft.

Another aspect discussed in this video is how students WANT to be in this space interacting with one another. At one point in the video you can see a student asking to become a level up from where he is. He wants to be a specific type of player and is going above what he needs to in order to make that rank. I don’t know about you, but it is rare to have students begging you to learn in any space.

Minecraft seems to have many educational tools to incorporate into the classroom. I think it is a matter of being creative and allowing our students to be creative. Not very often do we allow our students to create. More often then not we try to create something that we think our students need.

What are your thoughts on Minecraft in the classroom?

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