Benefits of Cloud Party

Image representing Cloud Party as depicted in ...

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1. The benefits of using a virtual world app like Cloud Party include ease of access. Most students understand how to access Facebook and download games from there. Also, the cloud based environment is in easy medium because it does not require a download or use of a plugin to use it. Another benefit to using a virtual world app is the ability to read the instructions provided on the site. Sometimes when you download a game, there are not instructions easily available for the user to view and read. Overall, I think that this is a large benefit for students to use, and also to use within the school setting.

2. Cloud Party mimics some other virtual worlds I am used to because we have been utilizing all game based virtual worlds up to this point. Also, Cloud Party incorporates the use of multiplayers within it construct. Up to this point, I have been used to the idea that multiple players can log in to the same place and participate in an activity at the same time.

3. My initial thoughts about this application as a medium in education include: ease of access is great, the use of multiplayer is a great way to include all students into this medium, and it is very similar to the ideas behind the other virtual worlds we have visited in this class so far. If students are able to access a game for educational purposes, and it is easy to find and read instructions, teachers will already be ahead of the game in preparing for instructions within this platform.

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