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Welcome to my blog. My name is Jenni Borg and I live in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  I have a Bachelor of Science in English and Speech from Utah State University. I am currently working on a master’s degree through Boise State University in Educational Technology. I have taught English and Speech for the last 2 years at a local high school. I am currently working as an online technical support person for a software creation company. My knowledge from my masters degree has helped my in my career. I am also currently teaching online English and Speech.  I have been married for almost 4 years to my amazing husband, and we have two cute dogs: Oscar and Darwin.



Full Disclosure

I explore a variety of topics at his blog, The English Spot. My blog is hosted by the free site on the WordPress domain.

Making a Living

How do I make a living? I am currently employed through Multidimensional Software Creations (MDSC) as a technical support and technical writer for the company. I also work part-time for a school district providing online instruction in English and Speech Communications.


So, you’re a blogger, huh?

Yes, I’m a blogger. I am beginning the stages of becoming a blogger. My blog, The English Spot, is meant to provide English resources, interesting articles, and other English related ideas to other English teachers. It is also meant as a space to keep information I like. I do not get paid to do this blog; I do this blog because it is fun.


Media ties: I have no media ties.

Stocks: I own no stocks.

Religion: I will not blog about religion. I am affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; however, I choose not to start controversy on my educational blog, therefore, I will not blog about any religion.

Politics: I will not blog about politics. I can see both sides of the argument often and I choose not to start controversy on an educational blog.

A Few Questions

  1. 1.     For what other employers (or consulting) have you worked in the last five years?
  • School District 91
  • School District 93
  • Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
  1. 2.     What sort of volunteer work do you do regularly, if any, and for whom? (Please include any public relations, advocacy or advisory board involvement.)
  • I volunteer as a softball coach for School District 91 and School District 93.

3. Do you do any work paid or unpaid in politics or government? Have you done any lobbying of governmental bodies?


4. Do you have any financial investments or financial ties that may limit your ability to cover specific topics free of conflict, and if so, what are the topics?

None that I’m aware of and, if I did, I’d be sure to point them out.

5. Although we don’t regulate the activities of spouses, partners or immediate family members of our contributors, do any of their professional or personal involvements or any of their financial investments or ties make certain topics inappropriate for you, and if so, what are the topics?

No, my husband is currently going to school in education as well.

6. Have you accepted any free trips, junkets or press trips in the last two years? Have you accepted any substantial free merchandise or discounts from people we might cover?

No, if I ever do I will be very excited and want to share!

7. Has anything you’ve written later resulted in a published editor’s note or retraction for deliberate falsehood or plagiarism or become the subject of a lawsuit involving allegations of deliberate falsehood? (If yes, please include details about the publication and your role in the article or story. If a lawsuit, please describe the disposition of the case.)


[Note: This page is an adapted version of one completed in Full Disclosure at Around the Corner-MGuhlin.org and Virtual School Meanderings. It has only been personalized and the text largely remains consistent with the original used by Miguel Guhlin and Michael Barbour]


2 Responses to About Me

  1. bethtransue says:

    I like the personal tone of this disclosure statement. Fun to read through!

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